At First Light Asset Management, we think it’s an exciting time to invest in health care. With baby boomers approaching their peak years of health care expenditures and dynamic innovation creating new markets, the growth in health care spending should continue to meaningfully escalate for the foreseeable future. First Light was founded with the sole objective of identifying and investing in companies we believe will benefit from this environment. Companies with disruptive and innovative solutions that generally offer a sense of promise for better health care at better costs – companies we anticipate will lead us toward the dawn of a “new day” in health care.

First Light Asset Management was founded in September 2013 with a singular focus – to invest in health care companies that we believe offer high investment potential. We invest in companies across the entire market cap spectrum and most health care industries, including medical devices and equipment, diagnostic tools, health care information technology, biotech, health care services, and specialty pharmaceuticals – all with a common theme of identifying innovative and disruptive solutions that help save lives, dollars or, oftentimes, both.

Our dedicated and experienced five-person investment team has more than 90 years of combined experience. With input from a network of scientists, clinicians and other industry experts cultivated over the years, our team weighs and assesses critical market and company data to build client portfolios with what we believe are some of the most promising companies in health care today. All with what we feel is an added benefit of being based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, a hotbed of health care activity in the United States.

First Light employs what we believe to be a sound and thoughtful investment process that seeks to take a balanced approach to risk and return. This process historically has enabled us to weather market pullbacks with less downside volatility while also participating fully in positive market moves. From stock selection and position sizing to portfolio construction and sell discipline, our deliberate and thoughtful process across all of our investment strategies aims to ensure we are good stewards of our clients’ capital.

Ultimately, our goal is to illuminate the path to successful investing in today’s dynamic health care sector and strive to deliver superior returns for our clients.